The Batch Freezer is the most important machine in an artisan ice cream parlour. Delite offers a wide choice of Carpigiani equipment, a cutting-edge brand in the sector.

The Italian word “mantecare” comes from the Spanish manteca, meaning butter, and it is the term they use in the kitchen and in the ice cream parlour for processing ingredients to make a soft, smooth mixture.

This “mantecazione”, or mixing the ingredients to get a creamy, smooth mixture, is done through three steps when making artisan gelato: the liquid mixture is churned, then frozen to about -15°, before air is pumped inside, which bonds with fat and protein molecules, in order to turn the original liquid mixture into a blended, creamy mixture: gelato.

The quick drop in temperature is due to the need to prevent the formation of overly large crystals, to get a smoother mixture. While churning the mixture helps trap air inside to increase its volume (this process is known by the technical term “overrun”) and to make it creamy.

One of the best brands of batch freezers is undoubtedly Carpigiani, a highly innovative company, which is the reason behind its leadership in technology.

In fact, a substantial part of the company’s turnover is continuously re-invested in researching, designing and choosing components so customers can be sure they get versatility to different production needs, as well as ergonomic, functional, safe and energy-saving use, all while complying with the strictest food safety regulations.

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