Blast chillers are used to chill products quickly and are essential in ice cream parlours or in kitchens in general for preserving food safely. Delite offers one of the best brands in the sector: Hiber.

Blast chillers are used to quickly bring (in about 90 minutes) the temperature of hot food after it has been cooked down to 3°C (as measured in the centre of the food), so the product can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

Their Use in Ice Cream Parlours

Hiber blast chilling (with the surface hardening in just a few minutes) forms micro-crystals which stabilise all the properties of the ice cream for many hours and help keep decorations at the same height. In this way, when the ice cream comes out of the batch freezer soft, thick and at its best, it will not lose its volume and softness after a few hours in the display case. By deep-freezing the entire tubs (down to -18°C in the centre in a few hours, making it rock solid for storage) as well as any hard products (shop window cakes, mousses, Bavarian creams, semifreddos, single portions or ice cream cakes), you can even extend their shelf life for several days. Soft, creamy and easily scoopable: once back in the display case, you will have a product that looks and tastes just like freshly-made ice cream.

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