The pasteuriser is an essential part of an artisan ice cream parlour. As the exclusive distributor of Carpigiani equipment for the provinces of Modena, Reggio Emilia and Parma, Delite always has the right solution for every need.

The Pasteuriser is a machine that warms up the ingredients and fresh semi-finished products to such a temperature (85°C) that it considerably reduces the bacterial load. This process has the advantage of preserving all the food’s nutritional properties, unlike sterilisation. The heating process helps solubilise and at the same time mix the various ingredients in artisan gelato.
During the pasteurisation process, once the ingredients have been brought up to 85°C, they are quickly chilled to +4°C using a refrigeration system.
It is actually this thermal shock which helps destroy almost all of the microbial load in the GELATO mixture, making it safe but without altering its organoleptic properties.
The one-piece exchange pump with a “dry heat bain-marie”, patented by Carpigiani, guarantees high micronisation of fat globules down to tiny sizes of 2 to 5 microns for creamier ice cream, while also letting you work with minimal batches without the risk of burning the mixture. Furthermore, all Carpigiani pasteurisers are equipped with different programmes to make basic and complete ice cream and yoghurt mixes, as well as with free programmes, while also including technical features that let you pasteurise ingredients and then simply sanitise the machines, saving you a considerable amount of time, while complying with the strictest food safety regulations.

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