Not just big equipment for large-scale production: Delite also offers a wide choice of machines to make soft-serve ice cream, which are easy to use and look great.

The main special feature of the soft-serve ice cream machine is that it always makes fresh ice cream because it is made specifically for each individual ice cream, and that it is characterised by its special consistency: i.e. “soft”. This is because ice cream made by soft-serve machines contains a large amount of air, which makes it soft and enjoyable on the palate, giving the pleasant sensation of a creamy dessert that is not too cold and letting you savour the flavours, even though it is still a frozen dessert.

Soft-serve ice cream machines can be gravity or pump-fed, although both options are sure to provide excellent results. They are highly versatile because they let you create both delicious single portions and simple yet mouth-watering ice cream cones, as well as frozen yoghurt and fruit sorbets. The various models of soft-serve ice cream machines fit in well with any type of interior design thanks to their new, modern look. You can also set different consistencies depending on the mix used, while changing the overrun is always easy. Furthermore, many Carpigiani models are equipped with an auto-pasteurisation system, which means you only have to wash and disassemble the machine 9 times a year, as well as with various functions that always provide optimal control and cleaning.

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