Hiber modular storage units allow the efficient storage of food and products, letting you plan production even in large quantities given their substantial capacity.

Hiber modular storage units have a high loading capacity for up to 80 five-litre tubs for ice cream parlours (or up to 60 trays for patisseries and bakeries). This lets you organise an entire week’s work in no time at all, for example, or handle a high number of orders, such as for large dinners or parties, or for other venues and stores: so you can now fulfil orders from anyone at any time. Or you can buy and store large quantities of ingredients, restocking your inventories when they are in season or the price is particularly low.
In fact, once chilled, food can be stored without worrying about it going bad or wasting it as you only use the amount you need.

The highest hygiene standards of all Hiber storage units are guaranteed by their ergonomic structure with rounded corners and no joints to make cleaning easier, while they are certified for use under the latest European legislation (Hiber safety standards comply with the HACCP system, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

The shorter working times allowed by this storage create a more efficiently organised workplace, which results in fewer hours required for staff and therefore more profit.

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