THE ONE, a Hiber blast chiller, features advanced technology within a stylish, clean design. For Delite, it is the ultimate blast chiller.

THE ONE is easy to use thanks to its 300 pre-set modes and processes, which can be changed or customised, or you can choose to create new ones according to your needs.
The 5 functions are instantly displayed and recognisable on the display: when each one is selected, a process starts and there is no need to make any adjustments or do anything else.

All Hiber THE ONES have the following functions:
Blast chilling
Blast chilling helps increase productivity, maintain the same flavour, colour, smell and weight and eliminate the risks of food poisoning and waste.
It also quickly brings the temperature in the centre of the product to +3°C, and reduces the natural evaporation of the product while maintaining its moisture level and preventing the spread of bacteria after cooking.
Blast freezing
The blast freezing function guarantees a longer shelf life for products by preserving their consistency, structure and density all year long.
It quickly brings the temperature in the centre of the product to -18°C, while keeping the structure and consistency of the product intact.
Thanks to a controlled air flow at -40°C, you can preserve the qualities of a fresh product over time.
Defrosting in a controlled environment and using a suitable method keeps the appearance of the food the same, while primarily preserving its quality and organoleptic properties.
Defrosting is done under the highest food safety standards by slowly re-absorbing the micro-crystallised water inside food.
It is the ideal cycle for products to be served raw or cold, such as fish or patisserie products, because it does not damage their molecular structure.
Retarder proofing
The flexibility provided by retarder proofing allows better organisation of processes, greater flexibility during the production process, and forward planning of products with a subsequent improvement in working hours and a reduction in operating costs.
You can choose between immediate or scheduled proofing: make, leave to proof, retard proofing and choose the programming for the cooking phase.
All of this with carefully controlled moisture levels so you always get the perfect result.
Slow cooking
Slow cooking guarantees a better soft, moist product and helps optimise cooking tasks by fully using all the equipment to offer a quicker and more efficient service and to reduce waste.
This function is very easy to use and is perfect for keeping food warm during service while helping to improve preparation and organisation.
This cycle can also be used in patisseries to melt chocolate or to make candied fruit.

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