The tower display case brands for ice cream parlours and patisseries chosen by Delite feature an innovative and stylish design for the best balance between design and technology applied to the cold food chain.

Designed and made to guarantee the highest storage standards for products, the tower display cases we sell use cutting-edge high-tech solutions, with a constant focus on saving energy and respect for the environment: recyclable materials, eco-friendly gases, state-of-the-art compressors and wireless connectivity, offering increasingly high-performance, efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions for a constantly evolving market.
For example, many models have upgraded lighting technology, switching from neon lights to LED ones for more sustainable energy use, while others are fitted with refrigerated grills, digital touchscreen thermostats, and an anti-fog system to stop the glass from misting up, especially on the display side.
Tower display cases can be kept at an operating temperature ranging from -24°C to +20°C (models mainly at below-zero temperatures are usually preferred for ice cream parlours) and can have one to four display sides and various sizes.

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