The Carpigiani Turbomix is an essential piece of equipment in the modern ice cream parlour for making all artisan ice cream mixes. Delite also recommends it for small patisseries due to its versatility with various types of cream emulsions.

The Carpigiani Turbomix is a highly versatile piece of equipment: alongside ice cream parlours, it is also a useful item in patisseries for emulsifying thick products, as well as for making many foods.
It is formed of a sturdy vertical tabletop structure with an arm to hold the motor. It has a powerful variable-speed motor which moves up and down and back and forth, as well as two different emulsifiers, a cutter and a steel bucket available as options.

Cream Emulsifier
The perfect beater for really dissolving flavoured pastes into thick or sugary creams, or oily and high-fat ones, for the base mix. The high rotational speed and the shape of the rotor generate strong pressure specifically for emulsifying pastes quickly, while enhancing their aroma and creamy texture.
Fruit Emulsifier
Perfect for breaking up and blending pieces of fresh or frozen fruit and for finely dissolving fruit purée into the base mix.
Useful for dissolving powders, such as sugars and cold stabilisers, for making water-based mixes.
Optional Cutter
This is a rotating blender for breaking up large and very large pieces of fruit, such as pears and apples. It works perfectly together with emulsifiers, so blended fruit can then be turned into fine purées that will mix in easily.

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