Our consultancy service is the result of over thirty years’ experience to guide your ice cream parlour on the road to success.

Delite offers a complete consultancy service for all its customer ice cream parlours, whether it is opening a new venue, refurbishing an old one or for venues that are already up and running.

Whether it is a new business or the refurbishment of an existing one, Delite is by your side.

Delite helps ice cream makers in many aspects of coordinating their business:

  • Managing inventory stocks, which can also be replenished every week to avoid the risks of product waste, shortages or expired products.
  • Having a wide choice of bases, semi-finished products and mixes for ice cream in general.
  • Always keeping a keen eye on what’s new on the market.
  • Managing purchases of raw materials and equipment, including the option of leasing and rental.
  • Accessing tenders and tax relief.
  • Providing specific training courses held regularly at the Delite head offices by the best professionals in the sector to expand upon both basic and advanced concepts of running an ice cream parlour.

Delite will teach you the secrets of being the perfect artisan gelato maker with regular courses run by industry professionals.

Would you like to open an ice cream parlour in 30 days?