We can design various types of business premises, ice cream parlours, patisseries, but also shops, bars, restaurants and general businesses.

Whether it is creating a new venue or renovating an existing business, Delite (specialised in designing business premises since 2008)creates unique solutions starting from the overall image which the customer wants to give to the venue, beginning with an inspection with an architect and then designing the internal layout of the spaces, right through to determining the smallest details of the sales space and reception area.

The creation, or renovation, of a business venue like an ice cream parlour, a bar, a restaurant or any general store is clearly aimed at getting new customers through a more attractive look.

As interior design is one of the main aspects which defines a business’s identity, after it has listened to the customer, Delite carefully designs a venue that is both functional for the people working there and engaging for the customers of the future business, including by designing customised furnishings.

A complete plan is therefore presented, which shows the arrangement and layout of the venue, with the relative 3D rendering, to give the customer a comprehensive overview and to show every single detail, so the final work fully meets the client’s goals and expectations.

Delite handles every single aspect of the project: fulfilling bureaucratic requirements, looking for suppliers, coordinating the work while it is being carried out, selecting the firms to carry out the work, right through to the final building compliance certifications.

With our vast experience, Delite will handle every aspect of the project.

Want to open an ice cream parlour in 30 days?