Delite can offer your ice cream parlour a wide range of products, semi-finished products, ingredients and frozen products to meet the broadest range of requests and any type of need.

The company has decided to increasingly expand its own range of products over time to try and provide tailored solutions to its customers.
Semi-finished products have always been the company’s strength thanks to its solid partnership with Pregel, the world’s leading company in this sector.
Another one of our qualities is our constant research into new high-tech ingredients that can be used in artisan gelato, so we can get an artisan gelato in keeping with consumer demand.
Last but not least, one of Delite’s strengths is collecting orders and the relative deliveries on a weekly basis. To do all this, we use brand new innovative IT systems to manage orders and the traceability of production lots.
All this helps minimise the chance of any mistakes both during the acquisition phase and upon delivery to the end customer.

Product list

  • Cones and wafers
  • Paper/plastic cups and glasses
  • Bio Line cups and glasses
  • Polystyrene containers
  • Spoons for ice cream, granita and yoghurt
  • Spoons for ice cream, granita and yoghurt
  • Bio Line
  • Small pieces of equipment for ice cream-making stations
  • Frozen fruit purées
  • Frozen fruit
  • Products and ingredients for ice cream parlours:
    • Bases: for yoghurt, soya ice cream, puddings, unflavoured and lemon mixes, warm ice cream and semifreddo or warm ice cream with fructose
    • Warm bases
    • Bases for fruit from the Speedy and Soft Lines
  • Pastes:
    • Hazelnut
    • Pistachio
    • Gianduja
    • Almond
    • Chocolate
    • Amaretto
    • Italian trifle
    • Stracciatella topping
    • … and many others
  • Swirls and Toppings
  • Sprinkles:
    • Hazelnut
    • Almond
    • Pistachio
    • Amaretto
  • Granita syrups
  • Sorbets
  • Hot chocolate
  • Cocoa powder
  • Powdered milk
  • Sugar: cane, dextrose, glucose, dehydrated glucose or invert sugar