Delite always aims to get a delicious, authentic ice cream product for its customers, made with outstanding quality ingredients, by selecting the main companies in the sector, from bases made from concentrated pastes to swirl sauces, from syrups to toppings and sprinkles.

In particular, Delite promotes the PreGel brand, a leader in the sector of artisan ice cream mixes, which makes the best ice cream bases, i.e. balanced products with carefully studied ingredients for the perfect proportions of sugars, fats, skimmed milk solids and other solids, which give the ice cream the best structure in terms of its creaminess, “scoopability” and shelf life.

But that’s not all. PreGel also creates classic pastes, soft-serve ice cream products, toppings, as well as its famous PinoPinguino, the leading PreGel brand, which contains sauces for ice cream parlours that stay incredibly creamy even at below-zero temperatures and are very versatile (they can be used to create classic artisan gelato, soft-serve ice cream or delicious layered ice cream, to glaze ice cream cakes and semifreddos, to create hot or refreshing drinks, and much more besides).

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