We offer PreGel’s Five Star Chef with patisserie products and semi-finished products, made with carefully selected ingredients and recipes, to guarantee high performance and excellent finished products that comply with the modern requirements of good patisserie practices.

In fact, the perfect balance of ingredients helps make finished products with the best flavour and structure that last over time; furthermore, the Basi Five Star Chef line helps reduce the number of times ingredients have to be weighed, thereby reducing the risk of errors and cutting preparation times and labour costs. From bases for baked products to those for semifreddos and chilled desserts, thanks to its constant research, PreGel offers efficient, cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs not just of industry professionals but also, and above all, those of end customers. From classic and fruit flavours to more sophisticated and particular tastes, Sapori Five Star Chef have a natural, intense flavour; they can be served and combined as you please and are perfect for flavouring any chilled or baked patisserie product.

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