We are your perfect partner to accompany you throughout all stages of the process, from a business plan to the grand opening, providing consultancy and support services in your choice of investment, store location and suppliers.

The decision to open an ice cream parlour requires taking on a certain business risk, so it is vital that your future ice cream parlour is not caught unprepared. Delite teaches customers what they need to know about preparation, the machinery to use, the ingredients, any relevant regulations, and gives them a clear idea of the best marketing strategies to adopt.

Customers can choose the right complete store plan layout for their needs from various options.

Then, Delite helps the future entrepreneur to draft a sound business plan, a document which plans the steps to complete towards opening the store, including various points (lease or purchase costs of the actual shop and machinery, display cases, ingredients and general equipment, labour costs, etc.).

The artisan ice cream market is highly competitive and to stand out, alongside a delicious, high-quality product, you need to innovate, to amaze and to offer a variety of products. Delite always provides the best advice to its customers, including if they want to sell other patisserie products alongside ice cream, so they have the advantage, among others, of not being affected by seasonal trade.

One of the most important decisions to make is where to open the store.

Delite offers the customer all its consultancy experience in “geomarketing”: it checks that there are no other ice cream parlours in the immediate vicinity, it assesses the area (pedestrian or shopping streets, how close it is to a car park), etc.

It then moves onto choosing which furnishings and machinery to buy: display cases for preserving and showcasing the ice cream, pasteurisers and batch freezers for production, worktops, spatulas and tubs.

Last but not least, Delite helps the future ice cream maker to design and prepare basic recipes, to choose the ingredients and toppings (cocoa powder, sprinkles, hazelnuts, etc.), to develop the production process (from pasteurisation to putting the ice cream on display for sale), and to determine the packaging for the end product.

Delite does not abandon the customer after the grand opening, on the contrary, it handles the delivery of the material required for production, as well as ongoing training for staff at trusted ice cream parlours (from 40 to 80 hours) and machine maintenance.

Customers can choose the right complete store plan layout for their needs from various options.


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